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Introducing Acoustifence® Acoustic Fence

Originally developed by the Acoustiblok corporation for outdoor noise abatement, Acoustic fence has had proven success in many demanding applications. World Fence News defined Acoustifence as a "new defense against outdoor noise pollution". Commonly used at industrial sites, alongside highways, around construction sites, along mass transit rail lines and even around dog kennels, it is now available for residential use. Acoustifence is a simple and economical first step in noise reduction which can truly make an improvement in your life and increase your privacy. Take a look at our Acoustifence photo gallery to see how customers have used this product to stop their noise problems.

Acoustic fence

Acoustifence is a unique 1/8th inch, 6' x 30' (3mm x 1.83m x 9.14m) heavy mineral filled visco elastic acoustical material. Longer lengths are available. It is made in the U. S. A. from all USA materials. Unlike fences or shrubs, this material does extraordinarily well in not only blocking direct sound, but also has a tendency to reduce noise by keeping sound from reflecting off it. This occurs as the flexible heavy mass Acoustifence material actually vibrates from sound, transforming some of it into inaudible trace amounts of heat (sheet lead works in the same manner). Considering that the ideal sound reducing construction is heavy, limp and air tight, the 1 lb. per sq. ft. flexible Acoustifence can be an excellent first step in reducing your noise level. It has acoustical properties that provide a lab-certified STC (sound transmission classification) of 28. While a 28 dB reduction represents a decrease of 85% to the human ear, this will be very relevant to surrounding objects from which sound will reflect over or around your fence.

Acoustifence material is extremely strong and engineered to withstand outdoor construction sites, highway environments, and most other outdoor applications. Full exposure to dirt, grease, oil, mold is not a problem for  Acoustifence. You can even drive over it without decreasing it’s effectiveness.

Having black anodized brass eyelets every 6 inches on the top edge and some on the bottom, allows easy hanging or attaching of the fence to just about anything. Heavy duty nylon wire ties are supplied with the fence and stainless wire ties are available at additional cost. Multi-level construction projects can easily overlap multiple lengths of Acoustifence attached to scaffolding to achieve many floors of vertical height sound blockage.

Staggered wood shadow box privacy fences (which of course provide no acoustical privacy) can easily incorporate Acoustifence without changing the visual appearance. Simply remove the vertical wood slats on your side of the fence, install the Acoustifence and reinstall the wood vertical slats. This is very easily done and leaves the appearance intact while adding acoustical privacy. A hammer, small crowbar, screw gun and some non rusting screws should be all the tools required.

Acoustic FenceAcoustic Fence

Shadow box fences are easy to convert to an acoustical sound barrier with Acoustic fence. For added aesthetics, the Acoustifence can be painted with an outdoor latex based paint.

To help you with your expectations, consider your noise source as a light bulb in a totally black environment. The fence will block direct light (the majority) from reaching you, but any surrounding higher structures or trees will allow some lesser reflections to reach you. Sound acts in virtually the same way, therefore, the more barriers between you and the source the better.

Performance is relative to your installation and the following:

  • Sealing of any gaps or joints in the fence including any gaps at the bottom
  • Your particular position relevant to the position of all other objects which may reflect some non-direct sound over or around your fence. (termed flanking)
  • The specific frequencies of the noise, as some are reduced more than others
  • The wind will have some effect also.